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this is where I write... stuff. .... ^_^

the foreign-exchange schoolgirl from Wutai
5 May
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I am Ian-Lynn Kyoshii Yuy, an eighteen or nineteen-year-old Wutainese student at Sakura University. I am unsure how old I am, since I was dead on my birthday. Hm..
Hai, by the way, I'm an angel too. Comes in handy, yes?
I am the mother of five children, with one on the way. I will not lie and say they are wonderful when in reality, some of them can be demonic. Literaly.
I am the grandmother of 12+ children. I don't want to consider how many more I might have.
I think I'm still engaged to a powerful, intelligent, handsome, blonde man who happens to be ten years older than I am. Either way, I'm happy. Nobody needs silly things like marriage anyhow.
I'm currently not associated with such spoken powerful, intelligent, incredibly sexy, blonde man who is now only two years older than I am. Currently ANGRY with such mentioned man. Very angry.
I'm currently married to a younger, more dedicated and laid back man than the one I fell in love with. His looks haven't changed nearly as much as he has as a person. I think I've been taking him for granted until now and I think I will work on being a better wife and mother. In between homework assignments, that is. ~.~
... I have a beagle named Ruu, too. ^_^ I haven't the foggiest idea where that dog is. I hope he's okay...
And I like chocolate pocky. *heart*